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The National Oak Academy 

 Follow in date order:  

Daily lessons. There are three lessons a day covering maths, English and a foundation subject. Maths and English are taught progressively so you will need to go through the lessons in order.  

You will be able to access a real teacher teaching on screen with PowerPoints for each lesson.  

Daily lessons Activities and songs to support learning 



Times tables practise  

Covers the maths curriculum for each year group  

Range of problem solving activities for all ages  

Range of maths activities, games and songs 

Maths lessons  

Range of English and maths activities for all ages 



Range of English and maths activities for all ages  

Reading and writing activities 


Reading and phonics 

Username: march20 Password: home  

Phonics practise for all phases  

Phonics practise for all phases  

Listen to stories to being told  

Reading and writing activities 

Listen to stories being told  

Library of online banded books with comprehension questions. Sign in as a student. 


Wider curriculum  

Science and technology activities  

Ideas to stay active 

Science ideas (some are free resources) 

Range of subjects and activities #

Early Years Activities