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Uniform enables pupils to feel a sense of belonging and to feel secure in their environment, free from judgement. It encourages pupils to take a sense of pride in their appearance. For this reason, we expect all pupils to be in full uniform at all times. This is non-negotiable and parents will be contacted if pupils come into the Academy without the correct uniform and these items will be removed.

All uniform must be clearly named, with the child’s first name and surname.

Uniform is available to purchase from Superstitch 86 and Sussex Uniforms, links to both can be found on the Useful Links page

Useful Links

School uniform is as follows:

  • Green sweatshirt / cardigan with embroidered Academy logo.
  • Yellow polo shirt with embroidered Academy logo.
  • Green fleeces with embroidered Academy logo are available, if required, for outdoor use only.
  • Grey trousers or shorts (not black).
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress (not black).
  • Plain black school shoes or plain black trainers with no logo or branded markings. Coloured trainers not permitted. All shoes should be flat. If your child’s shoes have laces, please ensure that they are able to tie them. Short, flat, plain black ankle boots are permitted. These must not have studs or other decoration on.
  • Dark grey, black or white socks or black, dark green or dark grey tights. No leggings to be worn under skirts or dresses please.

Summer uniform may also include:

  • Green and white dresses (checked, striped etc – full pattern dress i.e. no white top).
  • Sun hats (to be worn outside only).

In addition, the children need to adhere to the following rules:

  • One pair of gold or silver stud earrings may be worn. No other jewellery is permitted.
  • Children may wear a watch. No other bracelets or bands are permitted.
  • There should be no key rings or attachments hanging from pupils’ uniforms. A small key ring is permitted on a book bag to support children in identifying their belongings.
  • All children need a green Robsack Wood book bag, a named lunchbox/bag and a named PE bag.
  • We advise children to wear long hair tied back. Hair should be of natural colour. Extreme hair-cuts will not be permitted and should be appropriate for the Academy environment, i.e. no Mohicans or fashionable shaved designs.
  • Hair accessories should be small, discreet and where possible in Academy colours (green and yellow).
  • Make up and nail varnish are not permitted. Any transfers should remain hidden.

PE uniform

  • Plain white t-shirt (also available with the Academy logo if desired).
  • Green shorts.
  • Plimsolls or trainers (separate to the black trainers which may be worn for school shoes).
  • Navy blue or black jogging bottoms (for winter) with a sweat top in blue or black.

Please note – pupils are taught about personal hygiene and are encouraged to take their PE clothes home regularly to be washed. Aerosol deodorants are not allowed in the Academy; however, a roll-on deodorant/anti-perspirant is permitted for Year 5 and 6 children to use before/after PE. 

We reserve the right to forbid items of clothing, accessories and footwear. Similarly, extremes of new styles, or fashion ‘crazes’ are unacceptable. 

For our full uniform policy, please visit our policies page