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Pupil Parliament

At Robsack Wood, we believe that pupils come first and it is important that all the pupils have an active role in the way their academy is run. Pupil Parliament benefits the whole academy, pupils and teachers because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their opinions and influence the decisions that are made on their behalf.

Pupil Parliament promotes leadership opportunities and develops essential communication, organisation and debating skills. Pupil Parliament ensures that all the pupils within the Academy have an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a well-respected body within the Academy and it consists of two representatives from each class, from Year 1 to Year 6. These are known as Members of Parliament, MPs. Two of the MPss will represent the Reception classes and two will represent the Nursery to ensure all the pupils are included and their thoughts are valued.

Their peers, through a democratic process of voting, elect the MPs. The MPs then meet weekly to discuss key issues within the Academy. The information is then relayed back to the classes by the MPs to gather further viewpoints.

Members of Pupil Parliament receive specific training on how to represent and listen to all pupils and how to effectively gather information. They are responsible for giving feedback to pupils about what happened in response to their views and to action decisions that have been made or explain why they can’t happen.

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What impact does Pupil Parliament have at Robsack Wood?

  • Pupils learn to become confident speakers and representatives for the academy, welcoming visitors to our classes and explaining the learning taking place.
  • Pupils develop their understanding of keeping safe through discussion and explanation of the importance of safeguarding with visitors to the academy, including taking part in our annual Safeguarding Audit process.
  • Liaising and discussing their opinions on whole academy matters, such as our new Policies with parents, staff and members of the local board.
  • Developing their understanding of the recruitment process as well as having a genuine voice in decisions taken at the academy through participating in interviewing new applicants to the academy, including the Principal.
  • Helping to promote academy Values through work in Pupil Parliament and back in class.
  • Developing their experience of project work and evaluation through selecting designs to be submitted for ‘Healthy Eating’ initiative.
  • Trialling and evaluating ‘Philosophy4Children’ approach to learning.
  • Worked with the Eco subject lead to set up and Eco Warriors as part of ‘Parliament Week 2018-19.’
  • Developed their understanding of how to implement change through evaluation of pupil opinion on weekly menu for academy lunches, giving feedback (both positive and negative) to the academy catering organisation, contributing to the development of a new menu that would be even better.
  • Pupil Parliament worked with the Mental Health and Wellbeing lead to develop the ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ team. Pupil Parliament launched a search for warriors in each class and supported them in their role once appointed.

What's next for Pupil Parliament?

  • Launch the second year of the ‘Wellbeing Warriors’
  • Take part in the National Pupil Parliament Week in November 2021
  • Developing links with subject leads to support and promote subjects across the Academy.
  • Supporting fund raising events across the Academy.