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Enterprise ideas

Robsack Wood ‘Pupil Roles’ have started well this year. All pupils have been welcomed to apply for roles such as Pupil Parliament, Librarians, Gardeners and more. Successful pupils, who are allocated a role, must take on responsibilities in their role. There are perks to the jobs, of course!

Some of our Year 6’s have been incredibly helpful by supporting the leadership team to make all the personalised badges that you wear when you have a pupil role.

The Year 6 team spent their own time supporting the making of the badges and the staff and pupils are really grateful.

The team of Year 6’s have thought of an excellent enterprise idea and will be running a stall for all Christmas Enterprise events where pupils can design a badge and the Year 6 team will make a badge there and then.

The Year 6 team believe they can make all the money back they have spent on resources…and more!

A thank you gift to our helpers.

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