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Meet our team

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Thayre Executive Principal
Mrs Chatham Vice Principal
Miss Reed Assistant Principal

Leadership Team

Mrs Hobbis Senior Learning and Achievement Leader EYFS
Miss Degg Learning and Achievement Leader KS1
Mrs Oakman Learning and Achievement Leader Lower KS2
Mrs Chapman Business Manager
Mrs Tanner Inclusion Lead


Mrs Cole Reception Teacher
Miss Marsh Reception Teacher
Mrs Loftus Year 1 Teacher
Miss Isted Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Vaile Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Nice Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Daniel Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Mamoany Year 4 Teacher
Miss Charman Year 4 Teacher
Miss Standen-Davis Year 5 Teacher
Mr Lawrence Year 5 Teacher
Mr Gerrard Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Stubbs Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Neill SEN Teacher
Miss Hopkinson Graduate Teacher


Miss Muggeridge  
Miss Payne  
Mr Nuttney  

Lead Teaching Assistants

Miss Grimes  
Mrs Hassan  
Miss Matusiak  

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Gibbs  
Mrs Craddock  
Mrs Willard  
Miss Webb  
Mrs Watson  
Mrs Hunt  
Miss Cawkill  
Mrs Carey  
Miss Marley  
Miss Jones  
Miss Davenport  
Miss Driscoll  
Mrs Evans  
Mr Goliath  
Mrs Ramnarine   
Miss Dunphy  

Inclusion Team

Mrs Collett Pupil Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead
Miss Search Speech and Language Therapist
Miss Taliadoros Speech and Language Therapy Assistant
Mrs Marriott Speech and Language Therapist

Administration Team

Mrs Appleford PA to Principal
Miss Simpson Academy Administrator, Attendance and Admissions Lead
Mrs Burgess Administration Assistant

Staff on Maternity Leave

Miss Aherne Year 4 Teacher
Miss Bell Teaching Assistant
Miss Dargan Teaching Assistant
Miss Pepper Teaching Assistant
Miss Williams Administration Assistant
Miss Wilson Assistant Director of the STTP

Extended Schools

Mrs Stepanek Extended Schools Assistant
Mrs Ferguson Extended Schools Assistant
Mrs Webb Extended Schools Assistant

More information about Extended Schools can be found here.


Mr Vessey Facilities Manager
Mr Whyatt Facilities Assistant
Mr Carey Cleaner
Mrs Hyde Cleaner
Miss Medhurst Cleaner
Miss Parkyn Cleaner

Nursery Team

Mrs Holton Leader of Nursery and Extended Schools
Miss McBride Nursery Teacher
Miss Webb Nursery Lead
Miss Hood Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Sayer Nursery Practitioner
Miss Prince Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Blackwell Nursery Practitioner
Miss Nash Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Muggridge Nursery Practitioner
Miss Brooker Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Tselo Nursery Practitioner
Miss Pulman Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Knight Nursery Practitioner
Miss Tucker Nursery Practitioner
Mrs Pankhurst Nursery Practitioner
Mr Pavitt

Nursery Practitioner

Miss Williams Nursery and Extended Schools Administrator

Find out more about our Nursery here.

Sussex Teacher Training Programme