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"We are GOOD!" - Holmbush Primary Academy Ofsted Results

"We are GOOD!" - Holmbush Primary Academy Ofsted Results

We are proud to share the successful maintenance of Holmbush Primary Academy’s 'Good' Ofsted rating, following a recent inspection that underscored the heartwarming qualities of the academy. The report highlighted key strengths, showcasing the commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive community, providing excellent support for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and delivering an ambitious curriculum with early years excellence.

The Ofsted report commended Holmbush Primary Academy for creating a highly aspirational and inclusive community where pupils exhibit politeness, respect, and kindness. The positive behaviour observed was attributed to the warm relationships among staff and pupils, highlighting the academy's dedication to nurturing an environment valuable to learning and personal growth.

A particular strength identified by the inspection was the academy's support for pupils with SEND. The report stated, "Nobody is left behind," emphasising the collaborative efforts of leaders and teachers to identify individual needs, ensuring that challenges are understood and addressed. The adaptability of teaching methods was acknowledged, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity, and ensuring that all pupils can access the full curriculum.

Holmbush Primary Academy's ambitious curriculum and early years excellence were also highlighted in the report. The curriculum was described as ambitious, broad, and meticulously planned to develop precise knowledge and skills. The report noted that children in Reception thrive due to the high ambition and rich opportunities provided.

Principal, Susan Stickley, expressed her joy at the positive outcomes, stating, "We are immensely proud of these accomplishments, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our pupils, staff, and the entire school community. The positive behaviour and inclusive community we have fostered, along with our commitment to supporting pupils with SEND, are fundamental to providing an exceptional education for every child at Holmbush Primary Academy."

Dr John Smith, Chief Executive Officer echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of the academy's achievements in shaping the future of its pupils. He stated, "Holmbush Primary Academy's dedication to an ambitious curriculum and excellence in early years education reflects our commitment to providing the best possible learning environment. We look forward to building on these strengths and continuing to work together to deliver outstanding education for every child."

For those interested in reading the full Ofsted report, it will be available to view here in the near future.

Holmbush Primary Academy expresses gratitude for the continued support of parents, the local community, and educational partners.