Welcome to Hedgehogs!

Please remember:

  • To pack some spare clothing in your child’s bag.
  • Please ensure you provide appropriate clothing for your child. We would like all children to be able to take part in garden activities and without appropriate clothing they will not be able to participate.
  • To name your child’s belongings.
  • To sign your child in and out of nursery.

Please keep us up to date with any exciting events or milestones coming up at home. We can incorporate this into our planning and reinforce learning opportunities.

Getting to know you booklet Please fill this out and return to us.
Newsletters As well as school and nursery newsletters, a weekly Dear Parents letter.
Terrific Tree Toppers We will continue to celebrate new achievements with you by displaying Terrific Tree Toppers on our board. Please share with us your news for example; if your child put their jumper on for the first time or helped to make biscuits at home etc. jot it down on a topper.
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Our Learning Journey: ‘Under the Sea’

Monday, 5th June, 2:37 PM

Sensory play activities are a fantastic opportunity for young children to explore new experiences and engage in imaginative play.

The ocean is such an interesting environment for the children to discover. The Hedgehogs will learn about the variety of animals that live in the ocean through sensory play.

We will be creating some ocean sensory bottles and any donations to help us make these would be very much appreciated. Any empty bottles, shells, stones would create great sensory bottles for the children to explore.

We will be developing our speech and language through our Rhymes of the week and focus stories. Please keep an eye out for our Dear Parents for information on our weekly plans.

Our Hedgehogs will be involved in creating a large yellow submarine out of cardboard boxes. This will help support our social skills.

We will have opportunities to visit the fish in the school and will be painting our own fish and creating some octopuses too.

There will be many opportunities for the children to explore their senses. We will be playing in the water tray outside with the sea creatures, getting our hands messy with blue jelly and spaghetti play and will listen to the sounds of the ocean.

Please send your child in appropriate clothing that you would not mind getting dirty. Even though we do provide aprons, in some cases clothes can still get messy. Please pack some spare clothes in case.

The outdoor environment is a rich and valuable part of our nursery, outdoor learning offers children opportunities to play and explore and be in contact with the natural world. We would appreciate any donations of empty coffee tins, pots and pans, large shells and stones to help us develop our outdoor space and provide new and exciting things to explore.

Dear Parents