Welcome to Year Six!

There are 2 Year Six classes, the Willow class and the Walnut class.


In Willow Class Mrs Tanner is the Class Teacher.


In Walnut class Mrs Wright is the Class Teacher.

In Year 6 we continue to work incredibly hard, developing skills with the aim of achieving excellent results at the end of the year in preparation for transition to secondary school. We use elements of the National Curriculum as well as our own creative and interactive approaches to teaching, incorporating a range of drama techniques into lessons. Throughout the year we will be encouraging the children to become more independent in their learning, identifying their own targets and ways forward, helping them to prepare for their upcoming educational developments.

We are aware that Year 6 can often be a challenging time for children in order to prepare for SATs and the end of year move. It is for this reason that we hold an open door policy and welcome your visit after school. We also aim to communicate with you through the following means:

  • Termly Newsletters
  • Assemblies
  • Celebration Afternoons
  • Our website pages
  • Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter

Term 6

Thursday, 15th June, 9:18 AM


This term Year 6 will be reading a number of stories which convey a warning message to the reader. They will then use the structure to help them create their own warning story. As part of the process the pupils will develop their ability to create suspense, use a range figurative language to build an image in the readers mind and develop the ability to immediately grab the reader’s attention thus making them want to continue reading. The final writing unit will involve the pupils using their persuasive skills to convince an audience to their way of thinking.



This term’s Maths will give the children exciting opportunities to apply all their mathematical learning from this year including multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to a range of activities, which includes creating their own games and developing their problem solving strategies. A lot of the problems will be linked to everyday situations such as the General Election, the Queen’s official birthday and child safety. Furthermore they will be applying their knowledge of shapes to solve logic and visual puzzles as well as finding, describing and predicting patterns.

Year 6 Production

We are excited to announce that the Year 6 performance this year will be ‘An Inspector Calls’. This is a comical play about a group of inspectors visiting a school which appears to be encountering a number of problems that give the inspectors cause for concern. However, there is a sudden turn of events resulting in an unexpected outcome and an exciting conclusion that should bring a smile to everyone. The children will all be allocated roles; on stage or supporting by creating scenery.  They are eager to begin rehearsals which will start next week.  We warmly welcome you all to come and watch this exciting performance and celebrate with the children, congratulating them on all their hard work this year.