Welcome to Year Five!

There are 2 Year Five classes, the Rowan class and the Redwood class.


Miss Cunningham is the teacher in Rowan class.


Mrs Stubbs is the teacher in Redwood class.

In Year 5 we use elements of the National Curriculum as well as our own creative and interactive approaches to teaching, incorporating a range of teaching techniques into lessons. Throughout the year we will be encouraging the children to become more independent in their learning, identifying their own targets and ways forward, helping them to prepare for the challenges they will face in Year 6 and their upcoming educational futures.

We appreciate that the best way to gain outstanding results from the children is to build a strong relationship with parent and carers and therefore, we have an open door policy and welcome your visit after school. We also aim to communicate with you through the following means:

  • Termly Newsletters
  • Assemblies
  • Celebration Afternoons
  • Our website pages
  • Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter

Term Five

Tuesday, 9th May, 2:47 PM
English This term in English the pupils will be studying the text Floodland. This exciting story is set in a possible future which explores what might happen if sea levels continue to rise and towns like Norfolk become islands. The pupils will develop their knowledge about how characters and settings are effectively created throughout the text, to enable them to use the model for their own story planning and descriptive writing. Through the book they will explore many themes through the eyes of Zoe the main character, separated from her family because of the flooding as she desperately tries to find them again. The pupils will use this to develop their writing skills; writing in role and later in the term writing instruction texts.
Maths This term, the pupils are moving on to focus on Geometry. The term begins looking at estimating, comparing, measuring and drawing a range of angles. The pupils will then move onto calculating angles in a triangle, on a straight line and around a point. After this, they will move onto converting between measures and applying this understanding to a range of problems.
Learning Journey This term the pupils will gain a thorough knowledge of the water cycle, coasts and rivers, mountains, climate zones and biomes. They will be focusing on developing skills such as using compasses, identifying grid references. As well as this they will be familiarising themselves with map symbols by comparing the local environment to other contrasting environments. They will be applying the knowledge gained from their research in exciting practical tasks such as model making, drama, artwork
Science Our Science topic this term is Living Things & their Habitats. Over the course of the term, the pupils will be learning about the process of reproduction and the life cycles of plants, mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. The pupils will explore reproduction in different plants, including different methods of pollination and asexual reproduction. The pupils will have the opportunity to take cuttings from plants, creating clones of the parent plant. They will learn about different types of mammals and their different life cycles, making life cycle wheels to present their learning. Furthermore, the pupils will find out about Jane Goodall and her work with the now-endangered chimpanzees in Africa. They will explore metamorphosis in insects and amphibians, comparing their life cycles. Finally, the children will explore the life cycles of birds, and will write and star in their own wildlife documentary comparing the life cycles of different living things.
PSHEe Embarrassment! This term the pupils will be developing their understanding of what embarrassment is in order to help them recognise the feeling within themselves and others. They will take part in a selection of writing & drama based activities to help them establish strategies to deal with embarrassment. The pupils will also be learning why it is not a bad thing to make a mistake, identifying feelings of disappointment and understanding how to feel good about themselves.
RE Pupils will be learning about Shavuot, Passover and Pentecost. They will be exploring how and why people celebrate these significant religious events. They will be using discussion through lessons to develop their knowledge of these events. Pupils will then be able to compare these celebrations with their own at home and at the academy.
Music In this unit, pupils will explore the human life cycle with music from Brahms, Berio, Liszt and Monteverdi. The wide variety of musical moods, styles and genres will inspire singing, performing and composing using new techniques and structures.