Welcome to Year Four!

There are 2 Year Four classes, the Beech class and the Birch class.


Beech Class is taught by Mr Gerrard.


Birch Class is taught by Mrs Daniels.

Our Philosophy

In Year Four we teach from the national curriculum in an all inclusive and creative way, to develop the children's progressive learning.

Parents As Partners

At Robsack Wood Primary Academy, we value your opinions and your input into your child’s education, as we believe that close home-school relations are wholly beneficial to children’s learning. For this reason, we operate an open door policy and welcome parents into our classrooms to share and celebrate our achievements.

All staff in Year 4 will always be willing to discuss your child’s progress and development with you and will be available before school and at the end of the day for these conversations. We look forward to working in partnership with you during this exciting year ahead.

Term Five

Tuesday, 9th May, 2:03 PM
English This term in English we will be reading ‘The Story of Isis and Osiris’ as it aligns with our Learning Journey focus on the Ancient Egyptians. The pupils will be specifically focusing on newspaper report writing and will be writing a newspaper report based on their text. As the term goes on, the pupils will be exposed to a range of texts that will assist them in developing powerful writing. 
The pupils will also be looking at performance poetry, poems that are specifically written to be read aloud and performed. They will be given the opportunity to think about what makes a good performance before writing and presenting their work to the class.
Maths This term the first week will see the pupils learning about Roman Numerals. During the week they will discover the rules for using Roman numerals. They will learn to count up to 100 and they will use Roman Numerals in various mathematical tasks. They will have a problem solving session each week.
Learning Journey: "Walk like an Egyptian"
Over the course of the term, the pupils will find out about mummification and the grotesque processes involved, they will identify ancient artefacts and link these to Egyptian daily life, use hieroglyphics as well as find out about the importance of the River Nile. The pupils will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to research and discover many new facts through use of the iPads, books and special visitors! 
Please ask your child about what they are learning at school and encourage them to share their discoveries with you. We will also be exploring the hieroglyphics and how the Egyptians used this language to communicate with each other. We will also be identifying the Valley of the Kings whilst also examining what was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and researching the various deities that were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians.


This term the pupils will find out how an Egyptian sarcophagus was designed, made and decorated. Then they will design their own sarcophagi and decorate them using Egyptian styles of decoration, together with hieroglyphics. Finally they will create their own “mummy” to inter in their sarcophagi.
Learning Platform The Learning Platform will be used to set tasks and activities for pupils across the academy. Pupils will be issued with their passports to make sure they have access.
Music The pupils will learn about the importance of the Jewish coming of Age festival of the Bar Mitzvah (also known as Bat Mitzvah for girls.) They will be looking at the events and steps leading up to the festival. Pupils will be learning about the similarities and the differences between the Bar Mitzvah and the Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. They will also find out the importance of the commitment and responsibility the boy is taking on and the fathers role.