Welcome to Year Three!

There are 2 Year Three classes, the Elm class and the Oak class.


Miss Degg is the Teacher for Elm class.


Mrs Pernetta is the Class Teacher for Oak class.

Our Philosophy

In Year Three we teach from the national curriculum in an all inclusive and creative way, to develop the children's progressive learning.

Parents As Partners

At Robsack Wood Primary Academy, we value your opinions and your input into your child's education as we believe that close home-school relations are wholly beneficial to children's learning.

For this reason, we operate an open door policy and welcome parents into our classrooms to share and celebrate our achievements. All staff in Year 3 will always be willing to discuss your child's progress and development with you and will be available before school and at the end of the day for these conversations.

We look forward to working in partnership with you during this exciting year ahead.