Welcome to Year Three!

There are 2 Year Three classes, the Elm class and the Oak class.


In Elm Class, Miss Aherne is the Class Teacher and Miss Hollett is the Teaching Assistant.


Mrs Bettles is the Class Teacher for Hazelnuts class. Miss Gale and Miss Grimes are the Teaching Assistants for Hazelnuts. Miss Taylor is working in the class as a Graduate Teacher and Miss Maylam is working in the class as a Student Teacher.

Our Philosophy

In Year Three we teach from the national curriculum in an all inclusive and creative way, to develop the children's progressive learning.

Parents As Partners

At Robsack Wood Primary Academy, we value your opinions and your input into your child's education as we believe that close home-school relations are wholly beneficial to children's learning.

For this reason, we operate an open door policy and welcome parents into our classrooms to share and celebrate our achievements. All staff in Year 3 will always be willing to discuss your child's progress and development with you and will be available before school and at the end of the day for these conversations.

We look forward to working in partnership with you during this exciting year ahead.

announcement We operate an open door policy...

...where all the Reception staff are happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Your child’s teacher will be available to receive short messages in the mornings and will be happy to talk to you at the end of the day. Please make an appointment if you require a longer meeting.

Term Six

Tuesday, 9th May, 12:47 PM

Our key text this term will be Invasion, by June Crebbin. This tale brings to life the Battle of Hastings through the eyes of a young boy and his thoughts about the world around him. Our fiction unit will be centred on adventure story writing and we will focus on the development of character as well as setting descriptions and the key features of an engaging plot. Our non-fiction unit will be recounts and we will be using our visit to Battle Abbey to inspire us to write incredible recounts.

Maths In Maths this term, we are working on multiplication, division, fractions, statistics, algebra and patterns. We will look at mental strategies for multiplication and division and the pupils will be consolidating their times tables. All pupils should have secured their 10, 5, 2, 4, 8, and 6 times tables by the end of year 3!
Learning Journey Our Learning Journey this term is a History focused topic on 1066. We will be identifying who the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans were, exploring causes of the Battle of Hastings and looking at what happened afterwards and how the battle still impacts on our lives today. We will record findings, using iPads for research as well as completing written work to secure the knowledge we have in class discussions. Alongside our History topic, we will be exploring and creating artwork inspired by battles. We will be creating drawings, paintings and collage based up famous works of art inspired by wars and battles. We will also be looking at the Bayeaux tapestry for inspiration.
PSHE Our theme for PSHEe this term is Friends and Relationships. We will be exploring friendship skills and what it means to be a good friend, as well as how to manage conflicts within friendships. We will discuss a range of relationships and the fundamental value of respect. Towards the end of the term we will discuss how to manage changes and prepare for new beginnings, in preparation for moving into Year 4.
PE Our PE topics this term are athletics and games. In athletics we will focus on short and long distance running, jumping and throwing events. In games we will be developing racquet skills, building up to tennis and badminton.
Music In Music this term we will be continuing to look at singing. We will be building up a repertoire of songs we know and love so the pupils gain a really developed sense of their musical identities. The pupils will be taking ownership of their learning by choosing the songs we learn, demonstrating our British Value of democracy, which we will use to vote fairly for which song is chosen each week.
RE In RE we are looking RE this term we will be developing the pupils’ understanding of Christian prayer and worship. We will look at why Christians sometimes use objects to support their prayer and worship and some of the systems of Christian prayer and worship. We will also look at the importance of places of worship for communal practice of faith.