Welcome to Year Two!

There are 2 Year Two classes, the Mulberry class and the Dewberry class.


Miss Whitaker is the Class Teacher for Mulberry Class.


Miss Baker and Ms Kelvin teach the Dewberry Class.

Miss Payne and Miss Webb work across Year 2 supporting all children.

In Year Two we continue to develop the children’s independent learning skills to build upon their learning from Year 1. We use a more structured approach to the National Curriculum to develop the children's progressive learning, ensuring that learning is fun and engaging at all times. Throughout the year we will be working hard to ensure that the children are ready for their transition to Key Stage 2.

Parents As Partners

Following on from Year 1, we are keen to keep you heavily involved in your child’s learning throughout Year Two. For this reason we will use the following methods to ensure effective communication.

Termly Newsletters As well as school newsletters, you will also receive a bulletin all about Year 2. This will be sent electronically, so please ensure you are signed up to ParentMail
A weekly Dear Parents letter This will give you reminders and information about the week ahead as well as ways to support your child at home. You will find this in our Activity Area windows as well as on our website.
Celebration Afternoon Each term we will hold an Open Afternoon where parents are invited to come in to the classroom and share our learning experiences. These afternoons will be themed around our Learning Journeys and will offer parents the chance to speak to the Class Teacher and explore their child’s work.
Our website pages Here you will find copies of our Newsletters, Dear Parents, Termly Updates.
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Dear Parents