Welcome to Year One!

There are 2 Year One classes, the Chestnuts class and the Hazelnuts class.


Miss Taylor teaches the Chestnuts class.


Miss Isted is the Class Teacher for Hazelnuts class.

Miss Gale, Mrs Craddock and Mrs Gibbs will work across the team. Miss Isted will be working as a Graduate Teacher.

In Year One we continue to build upon the structured approach introduced at the end of Reception. We use elements of the Early Years Curriculum as well as the National Curriculum to develop the children's progressive learning. Throughout the year we will be encouraging the children to become more independent in their learning.

Parents As Partners

Following on from Reception, we are keen to keep you heavily involved in your child's learning throughout Year One. For this reason we will use the following methods to ensure effective communication.

Termly Newsletters As well as school newsletters, you will also receive a bulletin all about Year 1. This will come to you via Parent Mail.
A weekly Dear Parents letter This will give you reminders and information about the week ahead as well as ways to support your child at home. You will find this on our Year 1 notice board and it will be sent to you via Parent Mail.
Our website pages Here you will find copies of our Newsletters and Dear Parents.
Social Media Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Term Six

Thursday, 15th June, 9:08 AM


In Maths this term the children will be learning to   represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20, add and subtract one digit and two digit numbers to 20, including 0, read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition, subtraction and equals. The children will then solve on step problems that involve addition and subtraction using concrete objects and pictorial representations, and missing number problems. The children will learn to count in multiples of twos, fives and tens and solve one step problems involving multiplication and division.
The children will also learn to recognize and know the value of different denominations of coins and motes and solve one step problems that involve addition and subtraction, in the context of money.
The children will be learning to write finding tales and will use Lutey and the Mermaid as our model text. It is based on an old Cornish folk tale.
The children were very excited to find the story in a bottle, along with some beautiful shells from the mermaid.
The children will learn to use joining words and full stops accurately, sequence their sentences to write narratives and re-read their writing to check that it makes sense, beginning to independently edit their writing.

Geography and Art

This term our focus will be comparing Hastings with contrasting villages, towns and cities around the world.
The children will learn to identify countries on a world map, compare and contrast two villages, towns or cities and classify different features of locations, for example tourist attractions and shopping centres.
Alongside this, as we journey around the world, the children will be a exploring a different art form each week to express and represent the features of each location we visit.

Letters and Sounds

The Phonics Screening Check is coming up in Week 2 this term. We will share your child’s results with you at Parents’ Consultation Meetings later in the term. Please ensure you are reading with your child every day and encouraging them to self-correct their reading.

Home Learning

Home learning will continue to be linked to our Letters and Sounds, and Maths. Please encourage your child to complete this each week.
Later in the term please look our for your child’s end of year academic report and for a parents’ consultation meeting letters.
Towards the end of the term we will begin preparing the children for the transition to Year 2. Moving up a year is an exciting time but if your child has any worries or concerns around this transition, please come and speak to use so that we can work together to support your child.

Dear Parents