There are 2 Nurture classes, Key Stage One Nurture class ‘Robins’ and Key Stage Two Nurture class ‘The Orchard.’

Both settings provide a homely atmosphere with space for formal work, play activities and an area for quiet time.


Mrs Neill is the lead teacher in Robins.

The Orchard

Mrs Hassan is the Accredited Nurture Lead Practitioner in The Orchard.

  • To provide a nurturing small-scale setting supported by two caring adults with the prime aim of successful re-integration into their base class.
  • To provide a stimulating modified curriculum suited to the children’s needs with a strong emphasis on the children’s PSHE development.
  • To provide activities that will develop many skills that can be transferred to the classroom and into the home environment, such as cooking, gardening and creative activities. The activities will develop their academic skills and in addition they will support and nurture their social and emotional development.
  • To develop self-esteem and social skills.
  • To build trust and confidence with adults and children.
  • To develop responsibility for self and others.
  • To help children to learn appropriate behaviour.
  • To work in partnership with parents and teachers to develop consistency between home and school environments.

We believe that home-school communication is vital to ensuring a high quality learning experience for your child therefore; we have an open door policy and welcome your visit before and after school. In addition, we also have Celebration Afternoons, Termly Newsletters, Assemblies, Facebook and Twitter page which we update regularly. We hope that you will follow us on these pages and watch as our learning journey unfolds!

Termly Newsletters As well as school newsletters, you will also receive a bulletin all about Year 1. This will come to you via your child’s book bag.
A weekly Dear Parents letter This will give you reminders and information about the week ahead as well as ways to support your child at home. You will find this in our Activity Area windows as well as on our website.
Terrific Tree Toppers Each Wednesday you are welcome to come along to your child’s classroom to stay, play and learn. 9.00 am until 9.30am.
Our website pages Here you will find copies of our Newsletters, Dear Parents, Termly Updates as well as photo galleries.
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Term Six

Tuesday, 9th May, 1:43 PM

The children will focus on managing and understanding their emotions. The children will have lots of opportunity to share their feelings and learn strategies to manage their emotions effectively. The children will also be developing their social skills through participation in many socially interactive activities, where the emphasis will be to develop their social language, sharing and taking turns.

At the end of each week, the children will celebrate their strengths and identify the areas they need to develop. The children will be asked to think of the thing they are most proud of from the week and will be recorded into an Achievement Book, where the children will add events and work from the week that they are particularly proud of.

Cooking On Cooking, the children will be making a selection of starters, savoury and desserts. The focus will be for the children to develop their cooperation skills and try a range of different foods that they can enjoy sharing together.
Out Door Learning

As part of the Nurture Provision, we are fortunate to have a new outdoor area where the children will participate in a wide range of activities that will help to develop their social skills, eye contact and gross/fine motor skills. This will also help the children accept losing in a game and build on their self- esteem.

The children will also continue to develop a planting area where they can take part in gardening and explore different types of plants and the insects they may attract, as well as how to maintain and look after the garden.

Forest School
This term the children will participate in Forest School. Each week the children will visit the woods and take part in a range of activities from identifying the trees and animals in our woodland to using tools, making fires and building shelters.

Art Therapy This term the children will take part in Art therapy. This is an opportunity for children to explore feelings through creative action. Children will use a range of media and themes to delve into their emotional landscapes. Media includes clay, charcoal, paint, sewing, mosaic, collage and 3-d crafts. Each activity builds on the children’s self-esteem and encourages them to go through a process, building on their own individual ideas with the techniques they are gaining knowledge and awareness of. The work will offer a space to discuss and share their real and imagined stories and ideas. The children are encouraged to evaluate the work and to relate it to how they feel, with ideas in how to use creativity as a means of powerful expression to aid their learning and emotional wellbeing.
Art This term in Art we will be studying the artwork of Alfred Wallis. The children will explore how to improve mastery of art and design techniques to make artwork related to the sea and seaside.