RT @MissTaylor_RSW: The Chestnuts have made some wonderful clay friends for The Lonely Beast during our Celebration Afternoon! @R_S_Wood ht… RT @MissCunnRSW: Rowan loved learning how to do hands only CPR, use a defibulator and put someone in the recovery position. @R_S_Wood https… RT @MissReed_RSW: Very proud of our determined mathematicians in Year 4 this morning. Their use of bar modelling to solve multi-step proble… RT @MrsHobbis_RSW: We had a fantastic afternoon n Reception eating our homemade bread and soup. Thank you all for coming ! @R_S_Wood https:… KS2 Problem of the Week – Please encourage your child to solve our Problem of the Week and earn a certificate in Fr… https://t.co/zyep0ZVC58 KS1 Problem of the Week – Please encourage your child to solve our Problem of the Week and earn a certificate in Fr… https://t.co/mZCek4xgpf Having a great time at the Miniature Railway. The sun has been shining all day! 🌞 https://t.co/jOgSisJ4a6 RT @MrsNeill_RSW: Take a look at our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. @R_S_Wood https://t.co/2CwFSPA3WJ RT @MrsBettles_RSW: Year 2 are busy making special collage frames for their poems about the predators of the African Savannah. Can you tel… RT @MrsSavage_RSW: Click here to explore East Sussex special needs and disability local offer https://t.co/9icxvCQ3fv Find out what’s avail…


Wednesday 31 October, 9.30am
Wednesday 7 November, 2pm
Wednesday 21 November, 9.30am

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Selecting a school for your child’s education can be complex and is one of the most important decisions a parent makes.

The school you choose in the early years of your child’s education has a huge impact on their future successes and happiness. Robsack Wood is an exciting, exuberant and welcoming academy where children from 3 months to 11 years old flourish in a safe and stimulating environment. We create a powerful learning culture which focuses on children having high aspirations thus achieving their full potential.

The academy has impressive facilities which ensure our pupils are able to learn in exceptional environments which promote creativity and motivation. Outdoor learning, Forest Schools, an Early Years Village approach and Extended Schools are unique to Robsack Wood.

Robsack Wood is incredibly proud of all of its pupils and their achievements and we urge you to come and see us in action to find out more.

Caroline Thayre
Executive Principal