RT @MrsBettles_RSW: The following activity has been assigned on Mathletics to support the children's learning in maths this week. See guida… RT @MrsBettles_RSW: Year 1 are learning about "going green" in PSHE this term. Here are some activities to explore at home. https://t.co/CD… RT @MrsPernetta_RSW: What a wonderful woodland adventure with Wriggle and Rhyme this week. They made excellent birds nests. We’ll be back i… RT @MrsNeill_RSW: Wow! Look at the Robin’s grass caterpillars! @R_S_Wood https://t.co/12IltdTlA2 RT @MissReed_RSW: Year 6 have been making and justifying approximations this week. They showed great team work when gathering results and h… RT @MrsPernetta_RSW: We will be going into the woods tomorrow in Wriggle and Rhyme for our usually stories and songs. We’ll meet in the ba… RT @MissCunnRSW: Beech are loving BBC super movers as a quick brain brain throughout the day!! A great way to get moving in short bursts! @ RT @MissLBaker_RSW: Learning about #sportsmanship in today’s @R_S_Wood assembly. Sports Day is soon! Thursday 28th June EYFS (morning ) and… RT @MrsLoftus_RSW: @R_S_Wood The Badgers and Squirrels have been busy making cheese muffins for snack today! https://t.co/7szNN3vtCD RT @MissReed_RSW: Walnut made models of volcanoes thinking about a cross section of the inside. Tomorrow we will label and explain each dif…


Selecting a school for your child’s education can be complex and is one of the most important decisions a parent makes.

The school you choose in the early years of your child’s education has a huge impact on their future successes and happiness. Robsack Wood is an exciting, exuberant and welcoming academy where children from 3 months to 11 years old flourish in a safe and stimulating environment. We create a powerful learning culture which focuses on children having high aspirations thus achieving their full potential.

The academy has impressive facilities which ensure our pupils are able to learn in exceptional environments which promote creativity and motivation. Outdoor learning, Forest Schools, an Early Years Village approach and Extended Schools are unique to Robsack Wood.

Robsack Wood is incredibly proud of all of its pupils and their achievements and we urge you to come and see us in action to find out more.

Caroline Thayre
Executive Principal